Dieting has come from a longline of nagging, patronising and downright patronising plans and approaches – whether you’re cutting things out, counting calories or excluding entire food groups. The focus has almost always been on restriction and suffering, as if this somehow leads to some kind of joy filled spiritual enlightenment when you finally reach the future’s mythical dream body.

New studies – and old practices such as Ayurvedic medicine – both show that actually, yo-yo diets and fad eating habits can be terrible for our physical and mental health. The body and mind function far better when we’re feeling calmer, with a regular sleeping routine and a diet which compliments rather than challenges our overall wellbeing.

If losing weight or shrinking a dress size is seen as just the side effect of improving your habits, rather than the goal, then we’re suddenly in much safer territory. Women in particular are often under pressure to think that slimmer is better, and that eating is cheating. But a quick flick through a few cookery TV shows (Nigella, ahem) and it’s clear that actually, eating and enjoying it can be pretty damn sexy.

Exercise has been proven to be way more affective for treating depression than anti-depressants, in part thanks to the rush of serotonin and adrenaline that’s released when we get the heart pumping. There’s also a lovely afterglow after exercise, although it can be hard to remember that  when you’re trudging to the gym and thinking about lifting weights at the end of a long day.

Sex, however, is a much mightier prospect. It’s free, it’s fun, it can help you to utterly and completely lose your inhibitions and let go to reach new heights of ecstasy that somehow, the treadmill just cannot compare to. Orgasms help the body’s functioning too, some studies suggest that a good orgasm can more than double a woman’s tolerance for pain, while a daily orgasm can significantly reduce a man’s chance of developing prostate cancer.Sexercise Fitness helps to give a little guidance, so that you can set realistic and harmonious goals both in the kitchen and in bedroom… and, well, in the lounge or the shower if that’s your thing! We’re focussing on the things in life that already give you lots of pleasure, and working out exactly how those activities can help to boost your health and happiness in the longterm.

We know that greater motivation equals greater success, and that with our unique set of sexercises you’ll be glowing inside and out before you know it. Not only will the movements foster a whole new set of sexy positions with which to adore and explore one another, it’ll also slowly but surely build your endurance, strength and general fitness. And with greater stamina, you’ll be all the more energised and boosted for even more fun and games.

The more advanced you get, the more you’ll be communicating with your partner and the more you’ll see a boost to your sexual confidence. Asking for what you want in clear terms may seem intimidating at first, but then think of the obvious rewards – and the closeness you’ll feel when you’re getting to know each other in increasingly intimate ways.

Sex is truly the gift that keeps on giving – the more you get, the more you want, and it’s equally wonderful to give and to receive! And when you fall into your lovers arms at the end of a long, energetic sex session we’re sure that you’ll also be coming back for more.