My name is Charlotte Rose and I am the crazy person who has put together the idea that is ‘Sexercise Fitness’.

The idea came about as my life has always been so busy and hectic that to find the time to get to the gym and exercise was nearly impossible, my sex life with my partner Colin, has always been good but I wondered if I could make it better by putting the two together to not just maximise exercising but get closer and more intimate with my partner, so after 6 weeks of trial and errors we are now able to give you our routines, videos and not forgetting our sexercises for you to try at home for yourselves.

This website is structured week by week, so you can see everything that we did, and tried, to get our end results, which was not just a good orgasm, but also over a stone in weight each and lost over 34inchs.

We’ve achieved great results, from reducing bingo wings by giving more oral sex to more intense orgasms from increased stamina.

We’ve had so much fun putting together this content for you and you can do it too!

Colin and I hope you find a new passion for sexercising, and getting closer as a couple.

Charlotte & Colin xx