In today’s modern and time-packed schedule, it’s getting very harder day by day to keep your love life loving as it was ever. People have their respective jobs, strict working schedule, plans and meetings, for their economic and social progress but, unfortunately, no plans for their loved ones, no plans to make their love life more interesting. Most of the people blame their time constraints, some blame that having children is a barrier to spend close time with your intimates.

Whereas, some other claims the issue that they got tired at the end of the day after working for the whole day and so they don’t have the energy and desires to have sex with their partners. And more or less, this schedule leads to lack of love life. But this thing doesn’t end up here, it also affects your fitness and personal health. Obesity and other high calories problems surround you because during your busy schedule you couldn’t even take a proper break to schedule your workout and Exercise. And it all gradually slows down your performance on the bed. Personal fitness is highly recommended in achieving greater results and to end up with satisfaction.
There are a couple of things which directly or indirectly affects your fitness and love life, we will discuss some most common here, that we all miss unknowingly –

Setting up Priorities
After having a child, it becomes the first priority of a woman to be a mother first, any other role later. And within her priorities and works, she loses that intimate interaction with her loving partner. She is more mother than a lover. She couldn’t switch herself between “mother-mode to Wife-mode” at times. This all lessens her romance time and weakens the strongest connection she should have with her spouse.

Competitive Behaviour between a couple
In a work-oriented corporate life, in which both the persons are working, it becomes very difficult to give each other proper attention and dedicated time. Both are busy maintaining their own progress and try to prove them best. And in most of the cases, this competitive behaviour of a couple not only results in lack of love and romance but also it can lead up to the divorce too.

Uncertain Time Schedules
Let’s take the example of Mike and Claire. Mike works in an IT Department and on the other hand, Claire is a Lawyer and works in a Law Firm. Both of them have their separate working schedules. Claire has some research to do about a Case and so she sleeps late at night and Mike has an early morning meeting with clients and so he leaves home early and between their strict time constraints, they often don’t get to Hug or Kiss each other before leaving home. Don’t get shocked, this could be a story of you also or most of our readers. And, in the same way, they are missing the best thing of their life ever; that’s LOVE.

Privacy Issues
It’s also a major reason behind the lack of romance and sex between couples that have a child. Having a child often becomes a barrier in spending a good time in bed together as your privacy is also a big concern when your child is around you. And the rate of having sex gradually decreases according to a child’s increasing age. A study shows that parents having a teenager child rarely have sex.

Lack of Sexual Appeal and Romantic Desires
Now coming to the final point. Beyond all the reasons that we’ve mentioned above, there is one more point ahead and that is losing interest in the desires of your loved ones. It mostly happens with women that they lose interest in sex with the course of time. Studies show, that most women don’t like to have sex after the busy schedule of day and they likely want to get into the bed and fall asleep. Among all this, a couple loses their sexual desires. Some need it but fails expressing it and some express it but couldn’t get it due to a couple of reasons and their romantic part gets lost somewhere stuck in their busy working schedule and family duties.

Why Sexercise so important ?

Sexercise is, as its name mentions; mixing the two natural arts together which are very strongly related to each other. Exercise is the most essential thing to gain body fitness and if your body will remain fit, you will have very good stamina while doing sex. If you have good physical strength, then you will surely get better results and a great level of satisfaction as compared to others. But the question arises here, why do we need Sexercise, What are the conditions that it is required most?

As simple is the question, So the simple is its answer too. In the present day
environment, not everyone goes to gym daily, neither they can. Its too hard to plan a workout or exercise at a regular interval for all the working couples but you cannot ignore your fitness. Although fitness is the first goal in everyone’s To-do list. Most of us take resolutions every new year that I will do that, and that, and that…. And in these resolutions most of us put our fitness goals first that I will surely loose kgs of weight this year. I will anyhow workout at least half an hour daily and all that. But how many of us could follow that? The percentage would be rarely 10 to 20% who do follow that anyhow.

That’s where Sexercise rules its importance. Doesn’t matter how busy we are in our daily routine spending our valuable time for others. But all that matters is that every couple has a sweet night to spend with in which they come close and feel relax doing some sexual activities. Here, sex could also be a great exercise if you find joy doing them, and this time is your own time so get it done. Try to find out new positions that will not only just stretch your body but also make you feel more relax and intimate to your loved one. In this way you can not only make your relationship last longer but you will surely meet your fitness goals too. All that you have to care about is to just only check our tips about how you can stay fit, loose weight by just only spending a sweet time together.